Negotiation Competition 2019

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Faculty of Law students are invited to participate in the 2019 Dentons Canada LLP Negotiation Competition. In teams of two, students will compete to obtain the best possible results for their client through negotiation.

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Universities able to participate in the 2019 Competition:

What Is The Format Of The Competition?

Two-person teams compete against each other in an attempt to obtain, through negotiation with the other team, the best possible result for their "client", as judged by competition judges. The judging criteria include not only the outcome achieved, but also a team's planning, flexibility, teamwork, ability to deal with ethical issues, and a self-analysis of the team's performance conducted at the end of the negotiation, outside of the presence of the opposing team.

As the competitions are unscripted, it is fast-paced and exciting to watch. This is largely a function of the fact that the participants themselves determine the format. There is no set period for either side or team member to talk (such as in a traditional moot competition); rather, the parties merely sit down (if they wish) and try to hash out a deal in the manner they see best. The students may attempt to be conciliatory, attempt a "win-win" outcome, take a "hard-nosed" position, refuse to discuss matters except on their terms, or storm out of the room. Further, the students may caucus, take notes on an easel, or do anything else to attempt to achieve or thwart a settlement. Just as in real negotiations that any lawyer or business person might be involved in, all of these tactics may, and are, used with varying degrees of success.